Current Sires

LY 088 “Long Island

Registration#161606 100% Katahdin

DOB: 1/4/2020 Triplet, RR

Sire: 141881 RIV 780 (719) ‘LONG GENES’ TW

Dam: 132519 BAG 2821 TW

Bred by Lynn Laudenslager, Lauden Acres Dalmatia, PA

Purchased October 2021

Sired by “Long Genes” the $17,000.00 record selling Katahdin ram and Supreme Champion at the 2019 Midwest Stud Ram Sale. He is a stout made sheep that is long sided and full of muscle. His triplet sister LY098 was our pick of the Lauden Acres yearling ewes at the 2021 Ohio Sale and after she had a nice fall ewe lamb sired by “White Christmas” we knew we liked this cross and saw LY088 was available. He will be used heavily for 2023.

SHU 4448 “White Christmas”

Registration#172369 100% Katahdin

DOB: 9/9/2020 Single, RR

Sire: SHU 3800 “Stetson” TR Dam: SHU 3876 TR

Bred by Henry & Becky Shultz, Prairie Lane Farm, Centralia, Mo

NSIP 6401212020SH4448

Purchased March 2021

Sired by Stetson the 2019 Res. National Champion Ram and out of a Vision (2015 Res National Champion Ram) Daughter, 4448 was our pick of the 2020 fall rams offered off the farm. He is a stout made large framed sheep that has a nice set of EBVs with strong accuracy for his growth numbers. 2021 Ohio State Fair AOB Meat Res. Champion Ram and 2021 Hartford Fair Grand Champion AOB Meat Ram. His 2022 Spring lamb crop has us excited, we will be retaining many daughters.

BLZ 0147

Registration#161078 100% Katahdin

DOB: 10/19/2019 Twin, RR

Sire: MLE 1218 TR

Dam: MLE 1207 TW

Bred by Brandon Zurcher, Zuercher Genetics Janera, Ohio

Purchased June 2020

Twin to BLZ 146, he is more up headed deeper bodied and larger framed where his brother is a little wider topped and longer sided. We need up selling most of the ewes bred to 146 but the few we kept back had 4 lambs that have been impressive and fast growing including a ram lamb with a 74.57 Lb 60 Day Adj Weight

ULRY 402


100% Katahdin


DOB: 3/8/2021, Single, RR

Sire: 147552 BAG 3354 ‘WHITE OUT’

Dam: 162282 BET 160

First of our 2021 keeper ram lambs and last son’s of “White Out”. We bred a handful of ewe lambs last fall for our neighbors to him and produced a nice set of lambs with 75% of the ewe lambs being retained as replacements. After seeing these lambs we decided to expose 402 for fall lambs on 30+ ewes. He was shown as a lamb and stood Reserve Champion to our “White Christmas” Ram at the Hartford Independent Fair last August.

ULRY 391


100% Katahdin


DOB: 3/9/2021, Triplet, RR

Sire: 147552 BAG 3354 ‘WHITE OUT’

Dam: 160496 SHU 4261

Second of our 2021 keeper ram lambs, 391 has been a little different than the “White Out” Lambs we have raised in the past. A Son of our Stud Ewe SHU 4261 he is larger framed like his dam, but keeps a stronger topline and is heavier muscled like his sire. We are excited to see more lambs out of him. We bred two ewes as a test for spring 2022 and we liked the result of half brother half sister mating. We exposed him to 30+ ewes for fall lambs and will be selecting some more “White Out” daughters for spring 2023 lambs. Photo coming soon, Pictured is his Dam.

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