Reference Sires

LMF 106

Registration# 125613 100% Katahdin

DOB: 03/28/2016 Single, QR

Sire: COR 15-04 “Augustus Meatmaker” TR Dam: LMF 10-P TW

Bred by John & Mistie Lee Limerick Farms Texas (Formerly of OK)

Purchased Nov. 2020 From Silverwood Farms – Dallas and Cheryl Miller, Bowling Green, Ohio

Sold Nov 2021

“Turbo” was the lead Katahdin ram for Silverwood Farms since they picked him out of the yearling rams at the 2017 MWSRS. He is long bodied, stout made and has a big hip. He weighed in at 255lbs on 11/7/2020. We were able to use “Turbo” for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022. We have a few stellar daughters we have kept out of him. we decided to sell him as we had limited use moving forward being QR at Codon 171.

WVF 8-704

Registration# 147387 87.5% Katahdin

DOB: 03/09/2018 Single

Sire: WRI 6079 TW Dam: WVF 7-525 TR

Bred by Tom Hodgman Waldoview Farm, ME

NSIP# 6400052018WVF704

Purchased Nov. 2020 From Cameron Maierle Jacksontown, Ohio

Died Feb. 2022

704 is a ram with high weaning and post weaning numbers. We were considering joining NSIP in the future when we got 704 and liked what he offered us from a growth aspect. we we able to get some keeper ewe lambs from 704 prior to his passing. Used for fall 2021 and Spring 2022 lambs.

BAG 3354 “White Out”

Registration#147552 100% Katahdin

DOB: 2/2/2018 Twin, RR

Sire: BAG 2782 TW Dam: BAG 2498 TW

Bred by Ron & Carla Young, Buckeye Acres Van Wert, Ohio

Purchased 8/2018

“White Out” was very correct and passed that to his offspring. He is wide based with good bone, and a stout, long body. He has tremendous rib shape and capacity that he passes on to his daughters. The first set born in 2019 have proven to be a great set of ewes. He was used heavily for three breeding seasons with 42 ewes covered in 2018 and 36 in 2019 and 23 in 202. We kept back 23 daughters and 11 granddaughters (1/2 of our ewe flock) when placing him for sale.

BET 113

Registration # 157164 100% Katahdin

DOB: 2/24/2019 Triplet, RR

Sire: MOF 1816 TW Dam: MOF 1756 SG

Bred by Brad & Erin Turnes, Turnes Family Farm Somerset, Ohio

Purchased 9/2019, Sold 4/2021

“Big Red” Is a tall, fast growing triplet that is bred to have parasite resistance. His sire bred by Jeff and Kathy Bielek of Misty Oaks Farm in Wooster, Ohio has a NSIP rating for Weaning Fecal Egg Count (WFEC) of -53.87 and a Post Weaning Fecal Egg Count (PFEC) of -67.26. His lambs were fast growing and his offspring average was .4 lbs heavier at 60 days than the group average. Sold to Trever Ruff Malta, Ohio April 2021

BLZ 0146

Registration#161077 100% Katahdin

DOB: 10/19/2019 Twin, RR

Sire: MLE 1218 TR Dam: MLE 1207 TW

Bred by Brandon Zurcher, Zuercher Genetics Janera, Ohio

Purchased May 2020 Sold 4/2021

146 sired lambs that have shown some great growth and look, as has his Twin 147. His mother also lambed in January 2019 and his Full Brother was Res. Champion AOB Meat Ram at the 2019 Ohio State Fair. Sold to Dan Shearer Magnolia, Ohio as part of a Starter Flock April 2021.

MOF 1511

Registration # 115819 100% Katahdin

DOB: 3/2/2015 Twin

Sire: NWT621 TW Dam: MOF 1352 TW

Bred By Jeff & Kathy Bielek, Misty Oaks Farm Wooster, OH

NSIP ID# 6400192015MOF511

Purchased 2018, Deceased 9/2019

“Bird Box” came to us through a trade with his second owner. When we got him he had the worst temper and wore a Ram Shield so he could not see to hit them. We put him through anger managment running with and settling a friends 70 ewes through the winter and then moved him in with our other rams lowering his testosterone levels significantly. We planed to use him for more breedings but when running with our Group of “White Out” ewe lambs last summer he escaped their pen and picked a fight with the three teaser rams running with the old ewes… unfortunately for him and us this did not end well. The ewes he settled prior to his passing had some very nice lambs and lucky for us more than half were ewe lambs we are retaining.

BAG 2567 “White Rhino”

Registration #RP103889 Pureblood White Dorper

DOB: 2/9/2015 Single, QR

Bred by Ron & Carla Young, Buckeye Acres Van Wert, Ohio

Purchased 5/2016, SOLD 4/2020

We purchased “White Rhino” in 2016 as the Champion White Dorper at the Big Ohio Weekend Show and Sale in Eaton, Ohio. His sire’s sire, Lewis WD 110041, was top selling White Dorper Ram at the 2012 Midwest Stud Ram Sale at $5000. We used “White Rhino” heavily the last 4 years and currently have many of his daughters working for us as excellent mothers. He sheds out completely, is very large framed for a dorper, deep bodied and is very easy keeping. The cross of our Katahdin rams on his daughters has us very excited.

Legacy 02

Registration # 12803 100% St. Croix

DOB: 4/16/2013 Twin

Bred By Katrina & Jeremy Steele, Leagcy Farm Howard, Ohio

Sire: Bendinger 1435 TW Dam: Bendinger 1483 TW

Purchased 2015, Sold 2017

Looking to add size and parasite resistance to our ewes while capitalizing on hybrid vigor in the males for market we added “Brutus” to our line up. He was one of 2 sires for a neighboring organic farm along with a dorper ram we sold them. Once they used him for two years and were ready to swap out rams Daniel knew we wanted to add his genetics to our flock as an outcross. He was 3-4 inches taller than any of our other rams and he weighed 270lbs when we sold him after running for 2 months breeding ewes. He was never chemically dewormed while at the organic farm our at our farm!

Embree 655

Black Dorper

DOB: UNK(2009-2011)

Bred By Embree Farms, Indiana

Purchased 3/2013, Sold 5/2015

“Ecoboost” was a ram we stumbled upon at a Amish retirement auction when looking to add more ewes to our flock. The Flock had some ewes with Lambs that were extremely stocky and some well made yearling rams. All the ewes sold high that day and we didn’t buy any so we bought the ram seeing his work first hand. He was a very moderate framed sheep but was pounds heavy weighing 230 pounds and great for producing roaster lambs for market. He added muscle to our flock but cost us some frame size so we only used him a couple breeding seasons. Though moderate sized his daughters have been extremely prolific and weaned some heavy lambs in a short time.

RF 5757

Registered Black Dorper

DOB: 9/2011 Twin, QR NN

Bred by Riverwood Farms Powell, OH

Purchased 3/2012, Sold 10/2015

“Ponderosa” was our first ram purchased after the original group of 10 bred ewes. Daniel knew the importance of using a good ram as his genetics are half the flock. Its a small world when during a 2012 OSU winter quarter sheep production class field trip Daniel’s the class visited Riverwood Farms breeders of nationally acclaimed Dorper and Dorset Sheep at the time. while there he reconnected with Eric Bruns their head shepherd. Eric had long ago helped Daniel’s dad at shows with his Suffolk sheep and specifically with Daniel’s ewe lamb and ram lamb at the 1995 junior National Suffolk show. Two months after the field trip Daniel headed back to Powell with our trailer. “Ponderosa” was a well made ram that had a wide hip, a long rack and loin. He was the cornerstone to the expansion of our flock. We sold many rams and ewe sired by him and even know of a few of his daughters still working for flocks we helps get started.


Production-Oriented Dorset

DOB: 3/2013

Bred by Russ Edgar, Edgar Ranch Fredericton, Ohio

Purchased 2015, Sold 2017

“Edgar” was K-Bar-K Genetics on both sides of his pedigree. He was a high volume ram that produced some of the best ewes on our farm to the point that we ended up keeping some of the ewe out of the “terminal cross on our hair ewes” that went on to be great productive heavy milking ewes for us until we sold all the woolies in 2019. A couple ewes still have some of his blood running through their veins.

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